At The Sunrise Healing-Best drug addiction treatment center in Rawalpindi, we aim at providing psychological and emotional support for the patients, and their caregivers, to help cope with cancer and related issues. Psycho-oncology therapy deals with the psychological, social and behavioral aspects of cancer such as:

  • Depression and anxiety: Low mood, feeling of helplessness, hopelessness and worthlessness etc.
  • Psychological concerns : Lack of motivation; uncertainty and negativity in life etc.
  • Biological concerns : Sleep disturbances, fertility problems etc.
  • Body image concerns due to chemotherapy
  • Side effect of medication
  • End of life counselling


We also address the changes in the relationship between the caregiver and the patient, assist the change in focus from increasing survival and life expectancy to improving quality of life and development of palliative care. It also helps with de-stigmatisation of cancer and mental illness.


Our Approach

Our team of Psychiatrists, along with Clinical Psychologists, creates a personalized treatment plans that involve:

  • Understanding psycho-oncology
  • Comprehensive psychosocial assessment for cancer patients
  • Interventions to enhance coping skills in cancer
  • Application of a range of psychological interventions
  • Improving communication and interpersonal skills in cancer care


The Sunrise Healing-Best drug addiction treatment center in Islamabad also offers individual and support group therapy sessions through which psychotherapy is provided for patients with different needs.