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The expert team at the best The Sunrise Healing-Top Drug Rehabilitation Center in Islamabad always treats patients as a part of the family and takes utmost care of each client for quick recovery. Our center is well-equipped with basic amenities maintaining standards of unparalleled hospitality. Our recovery journey aims at helping individuals live a stress-free and happy life far away from addictions. Let’s have a look at them!

Our Counselling Services

Best Counselling psychologists in Islamabad help people deal with
problems and make difficult decisions in various aspects of their lives.

  • Coping with physical disabilities, disease or injury
  • Counselling for Caregivers
  • Anger management
  • Stress management

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Drug De-addiction

At The Sunrise Healing, our highly skilled team ...

Acute Psychiatric Care

We provide round-the-clock acute psychiatric services that ensure ...

Alcohol De-addiction

We aim to provide medical, psychological, and emotional ...

Habit De-addiction

We follow a comprehensive approach in management of ...

Art Based Therapy

Art Based Therapy is helpful with patients who ...

Psycho – Oncology

At The Sunrise Healing-Best drug addiction treatment center ...

What Makes Us Different?

When an individual chooses The Sunrise Healing-Best drug rehabilitation center in Islamabad, our goal is to directly address the disease of alcoholism and/or drug addiction. Our approach involves professional addiction treatment such as cognitive-behaviour therapy, family therapy, support groups, and other individual counselling services. It also includes other activities designed to strengthen the mind, body and spirit.


Personalized Treatment

Millions of people attend rehab every year. While most of the addictions are similar in their uncontrollable nature, they are different in their effects on the body. For example, an alcohol addiction looks completely different from a cocaine addiction. Additionally, each addict has a unique combination of personal history, co-occurring health conditions and social factors that contribute to drug abuse. When people enter rehab, it is essential that the treatment facility acknowledges each person’s unique struggles with drugs, because recognizing individuality is the first step to ensuring quality treatment for each patient.


Family Support

The effects of harmful substance use on a family can be far reaching. Learning how to work with erratic behaviour, dealing with the frustration and worry of seeing a family member struggle with alcohol or drug dependence and managing the effects that this can have on different family members can be very stressful.

The immediate issues of drug or alcohol use and their effects on the user are one thing. The stress and influence this can have on relationships in the family is another.
There are resources and support available to help you start to deal with alcohol and drug issues as a family, and to assist you every step of the way.



When a loved one is battling addiction, life can start to feel overwhelming. You may be overcome with feelings of worry or sadness, blame or shame, fear or uncertainty. And as if it all isn’t difficult enough, you’ve been tasked with choosing a treatment program for your loved one. How will you know which is “right”?

With all of the drug treatment modalities out there today – from holistic to science-based approaches, medically-managed treatment to behavioral therapies, to combination treatments – choosing is not so simple. Above all else, you want to choose a treatment program that is likely to work.

Perhaps that is how you came across “evidence-based treatment” – or, treatment that has proved to be effective before. Evidence-based addiction treatment is a form of therapy that is supported by evidence, science, or research. In this type of setting, clinicians and counselors use previously-observed, science-supported approaches to treat substance addiction.



Our newly built, state-of-the-art addiction treatment facilities offer real hope for drug and alcohol addiction. From our amenities to our atmosphere, every aspect of our treatment program and accommodations are designed enhance the recovery journey. We are located in Islamabad, provides clients with year-round sunshine warmth, close access to the margalla mountains, and the quaint charm of a quiet capital town.


Aftercare Support

Achieving sobriety is a huge accomplishment. But treatment for drug addiction doesn’t stop after a person successfully detoxes and withdrawals from drugs. Aftercare is a type of ongoing treatment service that is given to people in recovery from drug addiction after they achieve initial sobriety. Aftercare can take the form of inpatient rehab or intensive outpatient rehab services.

About 10% of the Pakistani adult population struggles with a substance use disorder, and relapse rates for substance use disorders can be as high as 70%. But patients who take advantage of aftercare services experience lower relapse rates than people who do not participate in aftercare programs.


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A team of expert doctors that are leading our clinic! Meet our staff and visit us for your next problem!

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Our Team

A team of expert doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Spirtual Therapists and supporting staff that are leading our clinic! Meet our staff and visit us for your next problem!


Ms. Zobia Mian

Clinical Psychologist (Gold Medalist)

Drug Addiction Therapist

Director The New Inception Rehab Center

Clinical Director

Dr. Shams Haider


CEO at New Hope Rehab center

Director at The New inception Rehablitation center.


Ms. Nabeelah Sadaf

Clinical Psychologist, Drug Addiction Therapist,

CEO The New Inception Rehab center

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Atif Nawaz

Consultant Psychiatrist, MBBS, FCPS, PFA (John Hopkins USA), Diploma in Addiction Medicine (USA), Certified in CBT (USA)

Medical Officer

Dr. Huzaifa Amin

MD/MBBS-RMP, Medical Officer

Director/Drug Addiction Therapist

Asif Raza

MS Applied Psychology (University of Wales, UK), Internationally certified Drug Addiction Therapist

Spiritual therapist

Habib Khan Niazi

General Manager
Spiritual therapist

Clinical Psychologist

Maryam Batool

With a passion for helping individuals overcome life’s challenges, Miss Maryam provide compassionate and effective therapy. She believes in fostering a collaborative and non judgmental space where clients can explore their thoughts and emotions, develop coping strategies, and achieve personal growth.

Chief Accountant

Ansar Ali

Chief Accountant
Relationship manager

Relationship Manager

Kashif Sheerazi

Director Marketing
Outpatient services


Qasim Raza


Ward Supervisor

Iftikhar Ahmad

Ward Supervisor