We follow a comprehensive approach in management of habit de-addiction using treatment tools like pharmacotherapy, brain stimulation, psychotherapy, etc which target the biological and psychological components of the illness. The psychosocial issues faced by the individual and their family are also addressed in psychotherapy. Our team offers treatment for various mental health conditions associated with increasing technology which are as follows:

  • Internet gaming addiction
  • Mobile addiction
  • Gambling disorder etc.
  • Pornography addiction
  • Sex addiction


Our Approach

Our team creates a tailor-made treatment plan for the patients which includes detoxification, deaddiction, relapse prevention and rehabilitation.

A multidisciplinary team involving a Psychiatrist, a Clinical Psychologist and an Art based Therapist work towards assessing, diagnosing and managing the various kinds of habit addictions.

At The Sunrise Healing we give due emphasis to group and family sessions in addition to individual sessions. This is often required to resolve interpersonal relationship concerns. Our clinical team believes that resolving the difficulties faced by the families/caregiver is a crucial part of an individual’s recovery and prevents further relapses which is a hallmark of this illness.