At The Sunrise Healing, our highly skilled team of addiction experts consists of Psychiatrists, clinical Psychologists, counsellors and arts based therapists. A comprehensive drug recovery program ensures that we address all aspects of drug addiction such as biological dependence, psychological challenges, unhelpful behavioural patterns and social support. We follow an integrated approach to management and offer de-addiction in various substances:

  • Hash (charas) dependence
  • Cannabis (Marijuana) dependence
  • Inhalant dependence (glue sniffing, petrol, paint solvents)
  • Drug dependence (cocaine, heroin, MDMA)
  • Dependence on stimulants like amphetamine, caffeine etc.


Our Approach

We ensure round the clock assistance for all your drug recovery challenges and our treatment involves:

  1. Detoxification: Management of the psychological as well as physical withdrawal symptoms under the supervision of a team consisting of a Psychiatrist, a Clinical Psychologist and an Art based Therapist.
  2. Deaddiction: Assessment and enhancement of the motivation for consumption with individuals as well as group therapy sessions.
  3. Relapse prevention: Targeted therapy sessions for improving coping response and handling high risk situations.
  4. Continued care/ Rehabilitation: Regularly planned individual, group and family therapy sessions aiming at prevention of relapse.


Our focus is not just the body and mind but also the environment, friends/peers, family of the patient. We also provide Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) for the treatment of addictions. rTMS has been researched to be an effective treatment modality for the same.