We aim to provide medical, psychological, and emotional support for individuals struggling with alcohol abuse. Our team of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, nurses, and therapists ensure that you get personalized care at every step of your recovery journey as we offer hospitalization, rehabilitation, and support services for alcohol deaddiction.


Our Approach

Our comprehensive treatment includes:

  1. Detoxification: Medical management of withdrawal symptoms like tremors, increased heart rate etc.
  2. Deaddiction: Assessment of motivation and regular therapy sessions with the assistance of Psychiatrists and Psychologists.
  3. Maintenance and after care: Includes weekly group therapy sessions focused on maintaining sobriety. Family therapy sessions are held to deal with the interpersonal relationship concerns which can reinforce the process of recovery.
  4. Relapse prevention: Help you recognize warning signs of relapse and cope with difficult life situations to achieve a positive outcome. Regularly scheduled follow ups at the OPD. Provision of anti-craving as well as deterrent agents to prevent relapse.


We are also equipped to assess and handle alcohol related complications such as delirium tremens, alcoholic hallucinosis, withdrawal seizures etc. Our psychiatric offer a safe and medically sound environment for you to stabilize and recover in a comfortable and protected setting.