We provide round-the-clock acute psychiatric services that ensure safe and secure handling of all your emergency mental health needs. Our treatment plans and crisis interventions are personalized to your needs and requirements. Our services for mental health, and substance use concerns include:

  1. Pharmacological interventions: Bipolar affective disorder, delirium, complicated withdrawal of substances like alcohol, cannabis, heroin, cocaine
  2. rTMS: Acutely suicidal patients
  3. Comorbid conditions: Dehydration, diabetes, ketoacidosis, seizure, confusional state, dyselectrolytemia


We are able to provide unmatched care, and world class acute psychiatric services both for hospitalization, and emergency because at Sukoon you will have:

  • 24*7 access to resident doctors
  • 24*7 Psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses
  • A dedicated floor equipped for psychiatric emergency services with a walk-in facility
  • We will take the responsibility of picking patient
  • Access to other on-call super specialists
  • 24×7 National mental health helpline (+92 318 7681 580)


Our Approach

Our main objective is to stabilize the individual and assess the acute psychiatric symptoms and related mental health diagnosis. Typically, patients stabilize in 2-3 weeks. Throughout your stay you will have:

  • An independent Psychiatrist
  • A personal clinical Psychologist assigned to you
  • One nurse dedicated to address your needs
  • 24*7 on-duty doctor for any medical concerns
  • A Specialized care via a team of Art based therapist, nutritionists, physiotherapists, and fitness instructor


At The Sunrise Healing, we provide a comfortable, safe, and private environment for you to recover and stabilize from a psychiatric crisis through state-of-the-art facilities.